Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There Is Snow In Frazier Park

Yes indeed, there is snow in Frazier Park, CA.  This is a picture of a bus that was slanted in the middle of the road because of the ice.  I was on my way home around 1 p.m., about 2 hours after it started snowing, and as I headed up Mt. Pinos Way (our main road in town) I discovered the bus, slanted taking up all lanes. 

Unfortunately, I had to stop, and guess what?  That's right, I got stuck.  I couldn't head up the hill anymore because of the ice and so I started to slowly reverse my car to the right side of the road, so I could park.  I was in the X-Terra, which cannot get through snow for nothin.  I should have been in Bocephus Savage, our Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Now that vehicle can drive in any kind of snow and pull other cars out, to boot.

As I was in reverse, crazy little miss teenager passes me on the left with a pick-up truck, without four wheel drive.  Her dilemma was worse then mine because she blocked the tow truck, as the driver was putting his chains on so he could tow the bus.

OMG!  He let her have it.  Took a while for her to move her truck out of the way, and the tow truck driver helped her, as he cursed away.  LOL!  This was quite the entertainment.

This is the CHP on scene

Above is the tow truck that straightened the bus, not the one that was going to tow it.

Then you have the bus sliding, yes sliding, down the street.

And below is the bus sliding, yes sliding, further down the street.  The big truck you see on the right is the truck that was going to tow the bus.

The joys of the snow in Frazier Park, aye?  It was fun for me except I had to hike home and get Bocephus and return to the X-Terra to get all my stuff.

Good times!  And more snow on the way!

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