Friday, January 15, 2010

Frazier Park CA in January

The weather has been a bit weird for January in Frazier Park, CA.  We usually have snow on the ground or it is snowing.  It has been so warm here and I think it has only snowed two or three times this winter.

Needless to say, we don't have snow right now.  Yesterday was warm and sunny with some clouds. 

Yesterday, around 11 am I was walking Simon, one of my dogs, and it was nice and warm.  The clouds were scattered and I could tell we would get some moisture today. 

When I looked up in the clouds I said, to Simon, "Looks like we might get some snow tomorrow."

Guess what, it rained.  I woke up early, and I mean early, this morning to the sound of rain.

POOP!  I want snow! 

I have hardly had to use the heater or the fire place this winter during the day.  Usually, the heater is on 24-7 in the winter and the fireplace is a blazin every night.  Not this year though.

Well, they say we will get a storm this weekend.  Who is they?  Those dagged burned weather peeps.

Let's hope for the best, meaning a shizzz load of snow, eh?

The only good thing about not having snow is the snow bunnies (that is what we call city folk that come up for the snow) aren't leaving their trash every where. 

Don't get me wrong, we love you snow bunnies, just not your trash.  There are trash cans you know.

Well, until next post...


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