Friday, February 12, 2010

Is There Still Snow In Frazier Park CA?


There is still snow in Frazier Park CA. 

We got a couple of inches the other day. 

Many people are a little confused about where Frazier Park is, and if you are one of those many people, please read my post on 'Snow In Frazier Park'.  Just be advised that when you exit the freeway, off Frazier Mountain Park Rd exit, you are not yet is Frazier Park CA, and you will not see snow (unless it snows tonight but there is no snow in the forecast).

If you would like to know where the best place is to go sledding, in the snow, off Frazier Mountain Park Rd, then please read my post on 'Snow Play In Frazier Park'.  The only place that will have enough snow, to sled on, is the third place, I write about, in the post.  There are several places between the second and third places, I write about in the post.

NO CHAINS ARE REQUIRED in order to go to the places I indicate in the post 'Snow Play In Frazier Park'.    

The 5 Freeway is open!

The road conditions are great!

The weather is awesome!  Today it got up to 67 degrees and it was very sunny with scattered clouds, every so often.

The weather in Frazier Park CA, should be sunny and warm tomorrow.  Warm to us is above 50, so if you think it is cold when it is below 70 (which most So Cal peeps do) then it will be cold to you.  ;-)

There may be scattered clouds, which makes it colder.

Well, I hope this is helpful, we love it when you visit so have a good time and please pick up your trash, lol...



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  1. Is there snow in Frazier Park today?


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