Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busniness in Frazier Park CA

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Stanfill and welcome to my blog, Frazier Park CA!!!

This is
my first post on this blog. Before I posted, I thought I would go out to my community and see if anyone had websites that they would like me to link to my new blog, for free.

It was a lot of fun walking around talking to people and business owners in my town. You see, my town (Beautiful Town USA is what I like to call it) does not have an unkind person in it.

So, I am walking and talking. I am also interrupting people right in the middle of their work but they don't say a thing. Some just keep on a workin while we a talkin. I LOVE IT!!!

What a wonderful day! The air is always clean here. The sun was out and it was a delicious 60 degrees.

Today, I met a lot of wonderful people who have great businesses.

Many businesses do not have a website. Can you believe that?

The other day I read that 60% of people search the internet for information before they use any other resource like the phone book. No one really uses the phone book anymore, do they?

What was disappointing was, I met two people that told me they don't need a website.


Yeah, I'm sorry that you don't need a website and I am sorry you won't grow your business 30 to 60% either. The worst part was the first person did not have one, NOT ONE, paying customer in her store. The other person only had one, THAT'S RIGHT, ONE!


Yeah! Who needs technology anyway? It won't be long before we all do.

Just a little point here people. There are so many people that access the internet from their cellular phone. That's right, they don't have to be residents of Frazier Park CA, at home on their computer. We have tourists, HELLO!?!

We have tourists in the Winter (we call them snow bunnies). And we have tourists in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Why would anyone not want to have a website for those visitors who have their iPhones and Blackberries Googling businesses while they are in Frazier Park CA?

Call me silly but, YOU NEED A WEBSITE PEOPLE!!!

Well, that's enough rambling for me. I love my town, I hope you will visit, and I will write to you soon...



  1. Ah ha ... I lived there and I had a website !!!!
    Wake up people ... there's a BIG world out there just looking for your business !!

  2. LOL!!! ha ha ha ha a hah ah ...

    Carla you so funny...

    Ya, wake up and increase your income people!

    Have a great day Carla. Good to hear from you.




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